Reckless Driving Violations in Virginia

Traffic laws must be taken seriously. A reckless driving offense should not be viewed like a simple driving violation or a regular traffic ticket in Virginia. Reckless driving is a traffic violation wherein the offender intentionally drives a vehicle ‘carelessly’. Generally, this means that the driver is completely aware of his or her careless driving. Such can be punishable by law.

A reckless driving ticket may involve exceeding speed limits, running a red light, violating rules of the road, and careless driving in an intersection, pedestrian lanes, crosswalk, school zone, and other areas that may cause bodily injury among pedestrians. The actual traffic violation is determined after these are taken into account.

Reckless driving is considered a Class One misdemeanor under state law. This may lead to costly fines or penalties, probation, revocation or suspension of license, and even imprisonment, depending on the actual traffic offense brought to court.

Furthermore, under the Virginia traffic code, reckless driving may also refer to:

  • Unsafe and negligent driving that endanger innocent lives
  • Driving too fast, or recklessly driving beyond the implemented speed limit
  • Unlawful drag racing and driving under the influence

reckless driving Following the vehicle code, a reckless driver is typically charged due to speeding over the limit. As it is considered a Class One offense, it is technically as serious as the charges for an assault. To avoid severe punishment, a defense lawyer is necessary. Some people fail to realize the difference between simply paying parking tickets and facing a criminal offense. In a reckless driving case, you would need the services of a good criminal defense attorney. The last thing you would want is criminal charges, suspensions, a revoked license, or even jail time.

A reckless driving conviction often leads to the cancellation of driving privileges. If found guilty by the prosecution, DMV will charge six demerit points on your driving license. Under this point system, a certain number of points could translate to license suspension. (For repeated reckless/improper driving or driving under the influence/DUI, the prosecutor may suspend a driving license regardless of the cumulative number of penalty points).

While reinstatement of your suspended license is possible for some circumstances, it would cost you a lot of time and money. On top of your driving record, such negligence may also affect your career and even result in the denial of any insurance. Other possible consequences of a conviction for reckless driving are compromised criminal records, less potential for employment, an increase in insurance rates, difficulty in qualifying for affordable housing, and loss of government benefits. 

If you have been charged due to any of these types of traffic violations, you will need to hire an experienced traffic attorney. Traffic charges must not be taken lightly. You must create a positive impression of your case before the judge. Your traffic lawyer could encourage you to join a driver enhancement clinic to prove to the court that you are trying to address your traffic offenses.

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