drug chargesDrug charges can all too easily ruin your kid’s life, especially if they are young. Your child’s dreams and aspirations may very likely be lost because of a reckless decision or a careless mistake. It is said that people are free to choose their actions but they are not free to choose the consequences of these actions. The law is clear on the serious consequences of drug charges. Your kid may not have been unmindful of how his or her actions in college will affect the future. However, it is very crucial to understand the gravity of how a drug conviction can negatively impact one’s young life and often goes on to affect adulthood.

What are the Consequences Of Drug Arrest For College Students?

Few can afford a college education without the benefit of some kind of financial aid. A drug arrest can make your child ineligible for financial aid to pay for school. Eligibility might be suspended if the offense occurred while he or she was receiving federal student aid (grants, loans or work-study). Your child may also be subject to return any financial aid received during the period of ineligibility.

While in college, your child may consider getting a job. However, it is known that all employers want to hire individuals they can trust. An increasing number of employers are beginning to run a background check on the candidates they are considering hiring. When your child applies for a job, the prospective employer may ask your child if there is a criminal record. Naturally, honesty is expected and lies about criminal convictions only complicate matters. It goes without saying that a criminal conviction for a drug offense may hinder one’s chances of landing a job in certain industries including law enforcement, legal practice, nursing, commercial driving or in positions that require dealing with children.

What can be done to help my child facing drug charges in Virginia?

College students facing criminal charges must be supported by an experienced criminal defense attorney. Our skilled Virginia student drug attorney at Fisher Legal may help you in safeguarding your child ’s future if he or she has been charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine or other drugs.

Our Virginia student drug attorney may also build a strong defense if your child if he or she has been  charged with possession with intent to sell the following prohibited drugs:

Prescription drugs (Adderall, Ritalin, Percocet, OxyContin)

Do not delay in saving your kid’s future. Get in touch with our Fisher Law Office’s seasoned Virginia student drug attorneys today for a free case evaluation.