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So now it’s been officially unveiled and the ‘Techs and Specs’ have been revealed and analyzed, what impact will the new (and very affordable) Tesla Model 3 have on the roads of Virginia? Well firstly, if you intend to own one then it could mean you may need the phone number of the Best Speeding Attorney in Virginia.

With a top (limited) speed of 155 mph, official figures for the standard Model 3 claim 0-60 in under 6 seconds, but enhanced versions will do it in 3.9 seconds or less! Like we said, better get to know a real good speeding lawyer, because as beautiful as this car is, it’s unlikely that a court will agree that the best defense is a good offense (even if you looked very, very good in it).

speed-1193161-640x480The designer behind the re-imagined Tesla Model 3 you see above calls the results “fantastic”. The design does however create some challenges as far as practicality is concerned (more on that in a moment). It has to be said though that this model ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of people, whether you’re one of Virginia’s speeding driver’s or the wiser more careful kind.

The shape of the Model 3 hatchback is certainly topical with Elon Musk claiming that the Model 3 can fit a seven foot surfboard inside, some drivers are already complaining about how small the Model 3’s trunk opening is. The meager opening is apparently required due to the long sweep of glass that stretches from the front windshield all the way to the Model 3’s rear. As a result, there’s no rear cross support beam, and of course this results in the small trunk opening and no hatchback. Of course whether it would be an offense against style to take your surfboard on tour in a car like this is something we’ll let you decide!

In any case, despite their previous appeal, hatchbacks aren’t exactly filling the streets of America. Even taking out pickup trucks (the Ford-150 has for a while been the most popular American light-duty vehicle), hatchbacks don’t seem to figure too much any more, being as the only hatchback vehicle in the list of the best selling cars last year was the Ford Focus at No. 9 (all the rest were straight sedans). Crossovers, on the other hand are aplenty and so we’d be prepared to gamble that a high riding version of the Model 3 is quite likely to be on the drawing board.

It’s worth saying however that the small trunk doesn’t seem to be dissuading too many folks. Apparently, between the March 31 unveiling of the Model 3 and April 7, Tesla took 325,000 reservations.


That means a big crowd of State of Virginia Drivers are waiting patiently and compliantly for this car!

While we’re on the subject of compliance, the Model 3 scores well for its fully featured, advanced Autopilot Hardware. Please do remember though that it doesn’t completely drive itself, so you will still definitely require a valid drivers license, and pleading against a DUI on the basis that you thought you were technologically liberated from all driving responsibility is probably not going to win for you on your day in court.

So with some practical issues aside, then out of 10 we might be tempted to give this an 8 for performance alone but however you decide to mark it, just slow down and make sure it doesn’t mark you (or more specifically your drivers license) first with six points!


model 3 rear

Does this car look good to you? Which car would you rather spend $30,000 on?