Can a reckless driving or DUI conviction affect my career?

The answer to that is certainly it can.

Not only as far as immediate impact related to driving to and from work and during the day for your work but also in future job searches, a reckless driving or DUI conviction could affect your career. If you think about it this way, I mean to some extent a reckless driving by speed is not the most serious offense in the world; it’s not like a murder anything like that, but if you’re in a case where on employers making a decision between you and someone else and the only distinguishing factors that you have a criminal traffic conviction on your record that could certainly be the difference whether or not you get that job.

At The Fisher Law Firm, we is dedicated to defending individuals charged with traffic related offenses like Virginia reckless driving. So on that’s really why you need qualified attorney to help you with your case. To find out more about this, feel free to request a free quote copy my book, “Solve your Virginia traffic Case.  Or just call 800-680-7031 for a free consultation

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