DUI expungementIn Virginia, a DUI arrest or conviction is a matter of public record. It can negatively impact one’s ability to apply for a job, a student loan, or to rent an apartment because information about your charge and conviction will be in your records. It will come out when routine background checks are done by universities, potential employers, landlords, lenders, and other organizations.

DUI Expungement in Virginia

Expungement is the process of “sealing a conviction” and effectively hides a criminal charge or conviction in the eyes of the law. An expunged DUI offense may still be used as proof of a prior conviction, but expunged offenses are shielded from the public like prospective employers, educational institutions, credit issuers or other entities conducting background checks. They will only be allowed access to the records through a Court Order.

In some states, a DUI conviction can be expunged after a specific length of time. However, in Virginia, you have very limited options. You are not qualified to seek expungement in Virginia if you pled guilty to a DUI charge or were convicted of DUI. The state of Virginia only allows for the expungement of DUI arrests where the charges were dropped, dismissed by the court, or if you were not found guilty.

A DUI arrest or conviction in Virginia can gravely affect your life and that of your family.  If you are determined to have your previous DUI charge expunged or if you have been arrested for DUI, now is the best time to talk to our skilled criminal defense attorneys at  Fisher Law Firm. We will evaluate your case and do our very best to help you out. Contact us now.

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