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Underage DUI Offenses

The same as a regular DUI (driving under the influence) charge, underage DUI also criminalizes the driver’s actions of getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after drinking too much. The difference is that underage DUI is specifically charged against drivers younger than 21. In effect, these people have committed dual

Virginia Repeat DUI Offenders Face Harsh Penalties

The government is adopting multiple measures to minimize incidents of a reckless, drunk driver getting behind the wheel and posing danger on the road. The public is getting educated on DUI laws. There are sobriety checkpoints to prevent a drunken motorist from potentially causing bodily injury, property damage, or even

Consequences of DUI Charge in Virginia

There has been a number of instances where that one drink led to a DUI or DWI charge just because of getting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. This avoidable situation could have prevented serious consequences of a DUI/DWI charge. When people drink and drive, they do not

Underage Drinking in Virginia

Underage drinking may be commonplace in Virginia but it is illegal. Virginia law treats it as a criminal offense with serious consequences. The same is true for charges of furnishing alcohol to a minor. 21 and Under In 1933, after the 21st Amendment was repealed, each state was able to

Virginia Beach Among the Top 10 Cities with Highest Number of DUIs

The City of Virginia Beach in Virginia has been reported to be a top ranker in a recent study of cities with the highest number of drivers with DUIs on their record, a recognition not worthy of celebration. According to the research of QuoteWizard, a Lending Tree company, Virginia Beach

How Do I Get My Criminal Records Expunged in Virginia?

The existence of criminal charges on your record can have detrimental implications on employment, housing, and other social programs. Clearing your record of these arrests through an expungement is your only recourse. In Virginia, convictions are forever; however, in Virginia, it is possible to expunge your criminal record.  This means