Being charged with major traffic violations such as reckless driving in Virginia can be less scary if you have an experienced traffic attorney. But did you know that it would also help to take a driver improvement course? If you have been charged for driving recklessly or for moving violations, this article discusses the benefits of enrolling in the defensive driving course.

Who Should Enroll in A Driving Safety Program?

Attending a driver improvement program in Virginia is one way of addressing a traffic citation. A person can face traffic charges if he or she has driven a vehicle in a manner that endangers the lives of other people and may include any of the following: 

  • speeding or speed and aggressive driving (more than 80 miles per hour regardless of the motor vehicle speed limit on highways) 
  • impaired driving
  • not yielding to an emergency vehicle 
  • road rage 
  • an unsafe vehicle 
  • failure to signal 
  • passing vehicles on a curve 
  • aggressive driving 
  • having faulty brake
  • racing 

A defensive driving class covers topics such as:

  • Virginia traffic laws 
  • Dangers of driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Preventing accidents
  • Defensive driving tips

After completing the last chapter, you’ll need to pass the final exam before earning a certificate of completion.

This is different from driving classes or drivers education courses (also called Drivers Ed or Teen Drivers Education), attended by those applying for a drivers license, and wanting to gain driving skills and driving techniques.

How Can Driving Improvement Classes Help You?

1 Dismiss tickets and traffic citations. 

driver improvement course To increase the chances of case dismissal and reduction of penalties, offenders should consider enrolling in a face-to-face or online defensive driving school. Sometimes, instead of voluntarily attending, a driver may be compelled to enroll in order to satisfy a DMW requirement or traffic court order. Defensive drivers go to traffic school depending on the agreement with the judge and prosecutor. You may find registered driving schools by browsing the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website, or by seeking advice from a legal representative. 

2 Earn safe driving points. 

If you have a driving license in Virginia, you earn +5 points every time you enroll in the driver training course and have point reductions for every legal violation. You also reduce fines associated with a traffic violation. Newly registered drivers start off with a zero point balance.

3 Demonstrate commitment to driver safety. 

When you take such classes before a court appearance, it is more likely that the judge and the prosecution will see you as someone who is committed to drive safely. In this case, you don’t necessarily have to look for a DMV approved course.

4 Avail car insurance premium. 

You can get a reduction of rates in your automobile insurance policy when you show evidence of fulfilling the driver improvement program. In some cases, it is the provider who offers insurance discounts to clients in exchange for attending an in-person or online defensive driving program.

When Should I Take the Driving Course?

Surely, the benefits of finishing the driver course outweigh the time inconvenience it gives you. If you currently have a perfect driving record and are only facing charges for minor offenses such as a moving violation or a misdemeanor, then taking such classes is nice to have. But if you are facing reckless driving charges or have a previous record of traffic offenses, it would greatly benefit you to enroll in one before going to court. If you are from out of state, you can take a course online.

Get Legal Help in Virginia

Reckless driving attorneys or traffic ticket lawyers can help you decide which driving school to enroll in, or whether it is more appropriate to enroll in the program before or after going to court. You can ask legal advice from The Fisher Law Firm, P.C. regarding your pending charges for traffic and driving violations, from as simple as a speeding ticket that can reduce points to as serious as reckless driving. We will work hard to avoid a conviction and have these charges dismissed. Call us through telephone number 540-613-5904 at your convenience for a free legal strategy planning session.