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Blacksburg DUI Lawyer, Jonathan P. Fisher, reveals powerful secrets about fighting and winning cases involving DUI arrests, traffic tickets and reckless driving in Virginia. This valuable book is yours free and available for download now.

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We fight for our clients to achieve the best possible outcome in DUI, speeding tickets and reckless driving cases across the State of Virginia. If you have been cited or arrested for a DUI or traffic law violation, you need one of our experienced Blacksburg DUI lawyers or speeding ticket attorneys on your side.

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We have represented so many people charged with DUI and other traffic related offences, chances are that you know someone our Blacksburg DUI lawyers have helped. Here is what a few had to say.

“Jonathan Fisher is an excellent dedicated attorney. One of the many things that separates him from other DUI and Traffic lawyers is his unending desire to do everything he can for his clients so that they can get the best results in the courtroom.”


“As a member of the NASCAR circuit, I had interesting and unique concerns. It wasn’t just a speeding ticket; I had to protect my sponsorships. Jonathan Fisher got it reduced for me just as he predicted. Thank you Fisher Law!”


“Jonathan Fisher is an excellent attorney, cares about people, and helps people in tough situations but does it better than those around him. I would trust a family member with Fisher and his team.”


“I got a speeding ticket in Va. A few days later I got 9 letters from different Law Firms. I read each one and decided to go with Fisher Law Firm. I am glad I did for they were fast, very knowledgeable and kept me up as to what was going on. They were up front and honest about what to expect. Also returned phone calls in less then 15 minutes on one call. And another call was within an hour. That is/was fast and greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Fisher Law Firm.”


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Thanks so much to Katherine for being my first video testimonial! Unfortunately my video skills do not match my traffic defense ones. She went on to say that she was happy her Reckless 100/70 criminal charge in Bristol is going to be reduced to an Improper Driving infraction with a $250 fine. It was my pleasure to help this great young lady!

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Who hope that you’ll find this information helpful. If you still have questions about your Virginia DUI, suspended license, reckless driving or other traffic case, give us a call.

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